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Personalize Your Ride With Our Accessories

We offer more than just donk kits and brake dust covers. Check out our selection of donk kit accessories to elevate your ride.

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Is Your Car a Good Candidate For a Custom Donk Kit?

Custom donk kits for your vehicle are the perfect way to break into a new community or to stay up-to-date with the latest lift trends. Check out this article to learn about what cars are popular with the donk kit community.

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Speed Bumps and Potholes: How to Play It Safe With Your Donk's Wheels

Speed bumps, dips and potholes can pose a challenge for donk drivers. Learn how to overcome these obstacles without sacrificing your wheels.

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How Does a Donk Change Your Driving Style?

Contrary to popular belief, a donk is neither hard nor dangerous to drive. However, driving one does require a slightly different driving style than what you’re probably used to. The following goes into greater detail about the many aspects of a typical donk that could affect your driving style.

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Should You Upgrade Your Brakes Along With Your Wheels?

Donk wheels come in an amazing variety of sizes, ranging from the smaller yet classic 22-inch “dubs” and the ubiquitous 26-inch wheels to genuinely massive 50-inch wheels. When it comes to donk wheels, many fans believe that bigger is better. But going big can also bring about some unexpected consequences.

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Proper Care of Your Wheels

When it comes to creating a donk car, image is everything. Donk owners pride themselves on making sure every square inch of their rides are kept pristine. It’s all part of the evolution from a down-on-its-luck beater to something that could be called a true work of art. The amount of care and attention given to a donk car can be seen in every aspect of the vehicle, all the way down to the wheels.

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