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Personalize Your Ride With Our Accessories

We offer more than just donk kits and brake dust covers. Check out our selection of donk kit accessories to elevate your ride.

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Speed Bumps and Potholes: How to Play It Safe With Your Donk's Wheels

Speed bumps, dips and potholes can pose a challenge for donk drivers. Learn how to overcome these obstacles without sacrificing your wheels.

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Why You Need Dust Brake Covers

If you own your car, there is a good chance that you have purchased dust brake covers at some point. The first question you might ask is, what do dust brake covers do? Dust brake covers are designed to stop unsightly brake dust and make sure that your brakes are operating well. Essentially, dust brake covers prevent dust from going into your brakes and potentially affecting their performance, which can lead to serious problems.

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5 Ideas for Pimping Out Your Donk

Few cars manage to turn heads and captivate passers-by quite like a donk. Thanks to its big body and even bigger wheels, a donk definitely stands out from just about everything else on the road. Aside from the ever-essential custom donk lift kit, customization plays a big role in turning an ordinary sedan or coupe into a bonafide donk -- after all, each donk is meant to be an individual reflection of the owner’s tastes and artistic vision.

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Should You Upgrade Your Brakes Along With Your Wheels?

Donk wheels come in an amazing variety of sizes, ranging from the smaller yet classic 22-inch “dubs” and the ubiquitous 26-inch wheels to genuinely massive 50-inch wheels. When it comes to donk wheels, many fans believe that bigger is better. But going big can also bring about some unexpected consequences.

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What do you think of when you see a Donk driving down the street? Do you think, man that car looks sick, or do you think it looks goofy? How much $$$ did it cost? Is it hard to drive? What kind of car is that? How long did that take them to do? How does he keep it is such great shape? “Probably goes to the carwash was everyday!” 

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What Makes Brake Dust So Dangerous?

It’s not just the lift kit that makes a great donk -- you’ve gotta have the custom wheels to match. When you get your hands on a spectacular set of custom alloys, you’ll want to keep them looking their best no matter what the open road throws at it. Curbs and potholes aren’t the only thing to worry about when it comes to taking care of your alloy wheels. There’s also the issue of brake dust -- the grayish-black dust-like residue that slowly builds up on your wheels over time.

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You Need Brake Dust Covers

Brake dust is a byproduct of brake wear. When you use your brakes, they heat up and metallic particles are worn off. As these particles are shed, they gain a static charge - which is how they end up sticking on your wheels. Both steel and alloy rims are affected by these unsightly dark blemishes.

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